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Most of the climbing areas are very close to Viñales town, just 25 minutes by foot. It doesn’t matter if you do not have experience. Most of our clients climb with us for the first time. This tour is not only organized to use your muscles, also we show you how to use the climbing gear, how to tie a knot, who knows? Maybe one day it will be useful for you. We have all the gear to practice this beautiful sport: ropes, harness, helmets, shoes and on a very good conditions. Also, is a safe activity for children minimum age 6 years old. We charge €40 per pax including the gear, the guide service, a water bottle. Is not the time that determine the end of the tour, but when your muscles get powerless is up to you. If you have experience and you do not need a guide, is also possible to rent the gear and a guide book in English and illustrated for €15 per pax the whole day.

Price: €40 per pax

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Note: Payment takes effect at the end of the tour. Thanks you.