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Start between 20:00 to 22:00 after dinner. We take a taxi to the National Park, it is just 10 minutes driving. Once there, we start walking up to the mountain to find a perfect place for camping, it is around 40 minutes walking. Once on the top of the mountain, the guide will prepare all conditions and explain to you everything about local nature and history of the place, and he will answer any questions. Then the guide will give you space to enjoy the night life, but he will be around in case you need something from him. The next day the awakening is around 7:00 to watch the sunrise, take breakfast, and take pictures of the beautiful place. When sunrise ends, we pack everything and walk down till where the taxi is, way back to the place that we stared. We are flexible with the schedule.

Precio: €70 per pax.

Included: Taxi, tent, flashlights and breakfast.

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