Standar and Sunrise

Acuáticos means aquatic people. They are a small community of farmers, living at the mountains, outside of Viñales town. Acuáticos cave the believing that just by using common water they are able to heal any kind of diseases. This tradition starts on 1935 until nowadays. They support themselves by the income source of farming tobacco, potatoes, sugar cane, coffee and also breeding pigs and chickens. This area is maybe the last piece of the national park, still remain authentic, with traditions and manners like 100 years ago.
Sunrise Tour starts depend of the season you are coming. In winter starts at 5:30, in summer at 6:30. If you like to sleep, do it later at 9:00 or 14:00. Tour duration is between 3 and 4 hours, is time enough to get to the highest place where the point of view is. Visit the Acuáticos farm to enjoy a different view and drink a local coffee, a sugar cane, a juice a lemonade, or eat a mango. It is also a nice place for birds watching. Then, visit a real tobacco farm, where the owner of the farm will explain to you the tobacco process from the beginning: how to plant, collect, dry, fermentation, rolling, with an include cigar.
Price: €25 per pax
Price including lunch or dinner: €35 per pax


This is a relative easy hiking for all ages. This tour includes tobacco and coffee plantations, lakes, caves and the wait for the sunset at the high point of view, with drinking options and Cuban drinks. It’s included: transportation, the cave and the lake tickets.
Tour duration: 3-4 hours
Price: €20 per pax.
Price including dinner and one drink: €30 per pax.


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