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Rock Climbing in Cuba

The focus of the rock climbing in Cuba is the Valley of Viñales in the western mountains of Pinar del Río province. This valley has the combination of high quality rocks, accessibility, and ambiance to suggest that Cuba could become in one of the top climbing destination sport on the world. The climbing is superlative, cracked jugs, pockets and stalactites in chiseled karts limestone on improbable lines through stunning over hangs leaves on breathless.

The Valley of Viñales is now a National Park and world heritage site, touted as the most spectacular scenery in all Cuba. The mountains around Viñales has over than 500 routes with a potential for more. Rock climbing in Viñales is more than outdoor adventures, it is sunny and perfect days, hiking, biking, cockfights, caving, ice cocktails, cigars, and exciting, sensuous nightlife, the gregarious, vivacious Cuban people and the country may already be the best outdoor adventure experience.


Donations to sustain the local climbers, please pack excess climbing gear and leave it behind. Cuban people need climbing equipment, it’s impossible to get it locally. The majority of visitors now follow the tradition initiated in 1998 by the Colombian climber, Alberto Morales, who left his rack, ropes, shoes and harness in Cuba when he left.

In order to understand what is useful or not, here are some suggestions:

Regarding personal gear, most useful are the basics: shoes, harnesses, ropes, chalk and packs. However, the single biggest need to propel Cuban climbing forward is bolts and hangers. If is not too much to ask, please, bring stainless steel or titanium hard ware, with studs at least three inches long by three eights of an inch in diameter.

More than 15 years of climbing experience.